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How do I rent a vehicle?

  1. Book a vehicle on our website! Select the beginning and end of your rental period to find a vehicle just right for you.
  2. ) Make a booking / ask for a price quote and wait for our confirmation.
  3. Pick up the car at our office or have it delivered to you (an additional fee applies).
  4. Sign a rental agreement on site and start driving.
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Autocar pikaajalise rendi "kõik hinnas" sisaldab:

  • Liiklus- ja kaskokindlustust
  • Auto hooldust
  • Rehvivahetust ja rehvide hoiustamine
  • Tasuta autoabi
  • Autoga läbisõitu 3000 km/kuus

Autocar Autorent kontaktandmed

Booster seat

Safety cradles and safety seats for children from 1 month to 4 years. Easy to install on any car seat. Side impact protection, adjustable seat position. Can be rented separately.

Ski box and roof racks

We offer high-quality rental ski boxes and roof racks.

GPS Garmin

Maps of Estonia and Europe. Voice commands and menus in Estonian, Russian and English. Can be rented separately.

Pikaajaline rendiauto SKODA RAPID (aut)

(4 uksega, bensiin)

1-2 kuud - 390 € +KM
3-4 kuud - 370 € +KM
5-6 kuud - 350 € +KM
Pikemale perioodile küsi pakkumist!

Pikaajaline rendiauto SKODA OCTAVIA (man)

(4 uksega, bensiin)

1-2 kuud - 400 € +KM
3-4 kuud - 390 € +KM
5-6 kuud - 380 € +KM
Pikemale perioodile küsi pakkumist!

Pikaajaline rendiauto VOLKSWAGEN JETTA (aut)

(4 uksega, bensiin)

1-2 kuud - 450 € +KM
3-4 kuud - 430 € +KM
5-6 kuud - 415 € +KM
Pikemale perioodile küsi pakkumist!

Rendibuss RENAULT TRAFIC, 9-kohta (man)

(4 uksega, bensiin)

1-2 kuud - 950 € +KM
3-4 kuud - 900 € +KM
5-6 kuud - 850 € +KM
Pikemale perioodile küsi pakkumist!